Analysis: The Board Votes

Every resolution vote held by the ICANN Board is recorded and publicly available soon after the meeting. This record gives us a window into the behavior of the Board and the individual Directors. The 723 Board votes that we reviewed include both resolutions passed by the full board and resolutions passed by the Executive Council. We have not distinguished between more and less substantive Board votes but rather included them all in this analysis. We reviewed all Board votes that occurred before 3 June, 2003.

While many of ICANN's moves have been controversial or at least contentious, the vast majority of Board members have never cast a single dissenting vote. Of the 723 resolutions passed by ICANN, 597 were passed without a dissenting vote. Only ten of the 42 people to sit on the Board cast a single nay vote during their tenure. Three of the five directors elected in ICANN's Global Election cast nay votes. Their records are highlighted in the list below.