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Sunday, November 12, 2000                                                                       

Edited by Rebecca Nesson, Ben Edelman, and Diane Cabell                                        
Berkman Center for Internet & Society                                        

Executive Summaries of Key Documents

Privacy and Intellectual Property: UDRP Review and Whois Policy and Implementation
Berkman Center Student Analysis: Evaluating the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
by Dori Kornfeld
Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
Registrar Accreditation Agreement
ICANN At-Large Membership: Elections and the Role of National Identity
Berkman Center Student Analysis: ICANN At Large Membership at a Crossroads
by Leonard Kardon and Emel Wadhwani
Berkman Center Student Analysis: Global Ideal, National Reality
by Jonathan Blavin and Jeremy Kutner
Results of ICANN At-Large Director Election
Statistical Information on ICANN activated memberships
Yokohama ICANN Board Resolutions on Director Selection
Yokohama ICANN Board Resolutions on ICANN's Geographic Regions'sGeographicRegions
Cairo ICANN Board Resolutions on At Large Membership
RFC 1591 - Berkman Center Summary
Berkman Center Student Analysis: Analysis and Chart of the New TLD Applications
by Leeor Farhadian, Talia Milgrom-Elcott, and Devesh Tiwary
ICANN Board Resolutions on New TLDs
New TLD Application Process Overview
ICANN Staff Criteria for Assessing TLD Proposals
List of New TLD Applicants and TLD Strings Requested
ICANN Staff Report on New TLD Applications
General Information

Key Recent and Upcoming Milestones

History of the Domain Name System

White Paper Principles


ICANN's Obligations under the DoC Memorandum of Understanding

Axes of Conflict

Sample of Remote Participation
Berkman Center ICANN-Related Content Archive
Profiles of the Panelists and Staff

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