Resolution thanking hosts, sponsors, and staff for work at the ICANN Uruguay Meetings


Whereas the preparation for and execution of the ICANN Uruguay meeting has been conducted in an exemplary fashion;


Whereas the hospitality, facilities, attention to the needs of the participants and extraordinary efforts to provide support have been without peer;


Now therefore [01.__], the ICANN Board expresses its deep appreciation and thanks, on its own behalf and on behalf of all participants to:


President Jorge Batlle, President of the Republic of Uruguay; Vice President Luis Hierro, Vice President of the Republic of Uruguay; Hector Nilo Perez of the Office of the President of the Republic of Uruguay; Prof. Ida Holz Bard and the University of the Republic; Raul Echeberria and INIA;


The sponsors, including the leading sponsor, Rodolfo Fariello and ANTEL; Hartmut Richard Glaser and Comite Gestor de Internet Brasil; Laurie Bell and Neulevel corporation; Katie Green and RealNames Corporation; Brad Copeland and New.Net; Gerardo Grack, SoftNet Logical; Gemina Hernandez, Nominalia; and Jaime Jerusalmi, Interfase; and


The Latin American members of the ICANN community who came together to support the Montevideo meeting: Patricio Poblete and Margarita Valdes of NIC Chile; Oscar Robles of NIC Mexico; Ivan Campos, Hartmut Glaser, Demi Getschko and their colleagues of NIC Brazil.


The Board especially appreciates the efforts of the Organizing Committee, most particularly the work of Raul Echeberria, who has been a participant in the ICANN process from its beginning and without whose work this meeting would not have been possible, and Prof. Ida Holz, who pioneered Internet in Uruguay and who worked tremendously hard to make the Montevideo meetings a success.


In addition, the Board expresses its great appreciation to Diane Schroeder, Ben Edelman, John Crain, Sara Hathaway, Rebecca Nesson, John Palfrey, Mary Hewitt, Dan Halloran, Margaret Nyambura Ndungu, and the rest of the ICANN staff for their continued extraordinary service to ICANN and the ICANN community.