Continued Recognition of gTLD Registries Constituency


Whereas, the Board in resolution 99.98 recognized the gTLD Registries Constituency of the DNSO, with the proviso that, "within 30 days of a request of any other ICANN-recognized gTLD Registry that seeks to join it, the Constituency must submit to the Board for its approval a formal consensus proposal for continued recognition;"


Whereas, ICANN last fall selected seven new gTLD registries for negotiation of registry agreements, and has so far completed and executed agreements recognizing the operators of the .biz, .info, and .name top-level domains, and has agreements for the four other gTLDs in negotiation awaiting approval;


Whereas, the gTLD Registries Constituency has submitted a proposal for continued recognition, including gTLD Registry Constituency Articles of Operation;


Whereas, the proposal for continued recognition and Articles of Operation have been developed and approved by all eight recognized and presently-anticipated gTLDs;


Resolved [01.__] that the gTLD Registries Constituency of the DNSO is recognized for all purposes under Article VI-B, Sec. 3 of the ICANN Bylaws to operate in accordance with the letter and Articles of Operation submitted to the Secretary and ordered attached to these minutes as Exhibit __.