ccTLD Agreement with auDA


Whereas, on 10 March 2000, in resolution 00.13, the Board authorized the President and staff to work with the ccTLD managers, Governmental Advisory Committee, and other interested parties to prepare draft language for ccTLD contracts, policy statements, and/or communications, including appropriate funding arrangements, to be presented to the Board and posted for public comment as soon as practicable;


Whereas, on 13 March 2001, in resolution 01.37, the Board directed ICANN management to press forward with continued vigor toward the completion of draft legacy agreements, and to pursue, as needed, acceptable ccTLD agreements in triangular situations;


Whereas, negotiators for .au Domain Administration Limited and ICANN have reached agreement, subject to the ICANN Board’s approval, on the terms of a ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement for the .au top-level domain;


Whereas, the agreement has been posted on the ICANN web site and a presentation was given at the ICANN Public Forum held 9 September 2001 in Montevideo, Uruguay;


Whereas, opportunities were given for public comment on the agreement;


Resolved [01.  ] that the President is authorized to enter on behalf of ICANN the ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement for .au as posted on the ICANN website, along with any minor corrections or adjustments as appropriate;


Resolved [01.  ] that, upon signature of the agreement, the President is authorized to take such actions as appropriate to implement the agreement.