Its potential and some issues

A presentation to ICANN


What is ENUM?

What can ENUM do?

Slide 5

A bit about E.164 numbers

Why bother about telephone numbers and convergence?

The Starting Point
Questions ENUM looked to answer

Some early answers

More about ENUM (RFC 2916)

Inputting Telephone numbers (1)

Inputting Telephone numbers (2)

ENUM Number Resolution

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Some technical realisation aspects

Who is involved?

What is still at issue?

Some agreements between IETF/ITU

Some emerging principles

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Whatís happened in the US?

How did those meetings go?

So. . .what did the report say?

Itís not quite so easy . . .

An open forum in the United States

Whatís the US ENUM forum doing?

Whatís happening in Europe?

The routeing issue

Some early European activities at the national level

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