The BC, IP and ISP constituencies:


applaud the initiative to discuss security issues due to their relevance to the stability of the Internet and recognise the importance of this to the core mission of ICANN.


While the commercial users constituencies may spread best practice to those security issues within the competence of the user and their relationship with suppliers,

the Constituencies remain concerned about those issues outside of the control of users,

and so call on the ICANN Board and the relevant SOs to investigate a role for

either taking responsibility for DNS security issues,

or seeing where it can be influential to improve DNS security by cooperation with other bodies.


Issues that can be considered and prioritized include:

         the establishment of new policies

         revisiting existing contractual requirements with regard to the root server

         revisiting existing contractual requirements for registries and registrars

         the insertion of specific security provisions in new registry and registrar contracts.

         the enforcement of security-relevant contractual provisions such as WhoIs

         establishing certainty where there is currently mission-critical services being supplied on a voluntary or non-contractual basis.

         investigating the establishment of an incentive standards scheme leading to certification.

         investigating possible security implications inherent in the existing registrars accreditation procedure.

         establishing guidelines for security issues alerted to ICANN to ensure alerts are directed to the right place

         establishing guidelines for the collection and release of security relevant data.


The Constituencies look forward to working with the Board on these issues and their prioritization.