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Computer and network security has been viewed as an engineering problem, and companies have tried to solve it through the application of technologies.  This approach is failing; even though technologies continue to improve, the security of the Internet continues to decline.  The real problem is not one of technology, but of process.  Network security is no different from real-world security.  The correct paradigm is "risk management."  Strong countermeasures combine protection, detection, and response.  The way to build resilient security is with vigilant, adaptive, relentless defense by experts (people, not products).  There are no magic preventive countermeasures against crime in the real world, yet we are all reasonably safe, nevertheless.  We need to bring that same thinking to the Internet.
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About the Author:
Internationally renowned security technologist and author Bruce Schneier is the Founder and the Chief Technical Officer of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. He has authored six books including Secrets and Lies and Applied Cryptography—now in its second edition—which has sold over 120,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into three languages. He has presented papers at numerous international conferences, is a frequent writer, contributing editor, and lecturer on the topics of cryptography, computer security, and privacy.

About Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. is the innovator and leading provider of Managed Security Monitoring (MSM) services. The company was established in 1999 by entrepreneurial expert, Tom Rowley, and security technologist and author, Bruce Schneier, to enable companies to significantly reduce the risk of doing business electronically.  The company has received financing totaling $54 Million by Accel Partners, Amerindo Investment Advisors, Bessemer Venture Partners, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Equity Fund. It has partnered with leading security companies, consulting organizations, and VARs to deliver Managed Security Monitoring services world-wide.  Counterpane is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and has two operational SOCs: one in Mountain View, CA, and the other in Chantilly, VA.