Resilient Security and the Internet

Bruce Schneier
CTO, Counterpane Internet Security

It’s a Dangerous World

And It’s Getting Worse…

Business Assets at Risk

Evolution of
Security Management

Software Is Too Complex

The Internet Is Too Complex

The Patch Treadmill

Security: Two Models

Security Must
Make Business Sense

Moving Forward

Prevention, Detection,
and Response

Network Security Monitoring:
By Human Experts

Effective Monitoring Must
Be Vigilant and Adaptive

Effective Monitoring
Requires Relentless Defenders

Effective Monitoring
Provides Resilient Security

Effective Monitoring Becomes
Security’s Feedback Loop

Network Monitoring
Will Be Outsourced

Counterpane Internet Security:
 Managed Security Monitoring

How Much Data Is There?

Finding Security Events
Amid the Noise


Human Intervention Is Critical
for Effective Security

Two Useful Resources
from Bruce Schneier