ccTLD report on security-related activities during November 2001 ICANN meeting.


1.0 The ccTLD constituency met over a three day period in Marina Del Rey, California, 11 November to 14 November, 2001.


2. We held three sessions on security.


2.1 "Special workshop on Internet stability and Security"


   Presented and led by Kilnam Chon


2.2 "The DNS after 11 September 2001"


   Presented and led by Jaap Akkerhuis


2.3 "Shared name secondary name server for ccTLD registries"


   Presented and led by Sabine Dolderer


3.0 In the wrap-up session of 14 November, we developed action items and established working groups for the following matters:


3.1 Relations with IANA, establishment of emergency procedures for updates to IANA database due to a ccTLD primary nameserver going off-line as a result of some catastrophic event, and agreement between ccTLD and IANA on appropriate secure, reliable authentication system for messages concerning such updates. Also, the need for a 24X7X365 method for accessing a human at IANA, mobile phone or pager, that is an alternative to e-mail.


3.2 Development of a ccTLD security "Best Practices" document, including both traditional references to RFCs and new, current proactices that may be used as a model for individual ccTLDs to adopt.


3.3 Development of the concepts of, and facilitation of implimentation of, a shared ccTLD back-up/secondary server system.


4.0 We also received a 10 point document from a member that we agreed could form a basis for future discussion.


The document will be posted separately.