Additional ICANN-Berlin Real-Time Comments on May 26

Charles Nesson
berkman center
camera work (5/26/99 11:09:04 AM, #238)

Am enjoying the excellent coverage. Camera work is first class. Great how the video, audio, and scribing work together to give a real sense of coherent presence.

Bret Fausett

Remote Participation (5/26/99 11:26:42 AM, #239)

Your coverage is excellent. Kudos to the camera operator. I feel like I'm there.

Kent Crispin
PLEASE FIX THE CAMERA (5/26/99 1:48:18 PM, #245)

Please remove the out to lunch sign

Jeff Shrewsbury
Info Avenue Internet Services
Remote not working (5/26/99 2:42:47 PM, #248)

I'm getting rejected from the remote feed from Berlin on Real Audio/Video. The error message says server is full. Has anyone checked this, because it wasn't a problem yesterday.

Peter Olson
Internationalt Patent-Bureau
Excellent audio/video (5/26/99 4:13:05 PM, #289)

I'm in Seattle watching your show. The Cambridge site did not run video, but this coming through excellently from the German site.

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