ICANN DNSO Business Constituency

Berlin May 24th, 1999




Jean François Lavignon BULL

Waclaw Iszkowski Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Izumi APIA

Masanobu Katoh Fujitsu

Theresa Swinehart MCI Worldcom

Werner ICC

Jan Lange Deutsche Telecom

John C. Lewis BT

Rafael Ale AHCIET

Rosa Delgado SITA

Daniel ISOC NL

Javier Sola EuroInternet (chairing the session)


  1. History of the Constituency and process.
  2. Administration matters:
  1. Wipo report
  2. Geographical diversity


List of secretariat functions prepared:

Cigref has budget: for 50 members it would be US$2,000 from each member. The form recommends US$750 as maximum.

The issue is complicated. Let us see what the DNSO assembly says about a joint secretariat.

Representation in different constituencies

There is agreement that the same person may represent their company in different constituencies

The Charter

The permanent charter will be written today, taking out all the temporary provisions. There will be no calendar.

Election for Secretariat:

Nominations by September 7th. Nominations must include budget (almost like bids). An elections calendar will be developed.

ITAA will host the dnsobusiness.org website. It will be run by the secretariat.

Javier will pass the structured member list to the secretariat.

The interim secretariat:


Calendar for elections for Names Council representatives:

  1. Freezing member list for elections on November 12th, 1999
  2. Nominations for Names Council representatives from November 15th to November 29th, 1999
  3. Electronic elections from December 2nd to 16th, 1999.
  4. Announcement on December 17th.

On the WIPO report:

The DNSO Business Constituency supports the WIPO report as a working document. We generally agree with the principles in the WIPO report and we applaud their effort. We look forward to working closely with WIPO to finalize and implement fully the proposals.