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Homeric Odyssey and the Cultivation of Justice has concluded. The series ran from February 7 to March 24, 2000. The series had four units, each lasting 10-13 days to allow time to complete the reading, view the video lectures and join in the discussion..


Unit One: February 7 to February 17 2000 (Unit One is now archived here)

Readings: Odyssey focus passages; Odyssey scrolls i-iv.

Lecture: Lecture on ancient Greek Hero cult and optional lecture on oral poetry.

Discussion: Telemakhos' journey. Law and justice in Odysseus' absence. Fathers and sons and the unjust suitors.


Unit Two: February 18 to March 1 2000 (Unit Two is now archived here)

Readings: Odyssey scrolls v-xii.

Lecture: Lectures Two and Three and Discussion of scroll viii.

Discussion: The songs of Demodokos. The journey of Odysseus and getting to know the noos of those he encounters. Connecting with heroes in the underworld.


Unit Three: March 2 to March 13 2000 (Unit Three is now archived here)

Readings: Odyssey scrolls xiii-xix.

Lecture: Lectures Four and Five and Discussion on metaphor and metonym.

Discussion: The Hero comes home. Ainoi in Greek song culture and Penelope's dream. Return to the image of the righteous king.


Unit Four: March 14 to March 24 2000 (Unit Four is now archived here)

Readings: Odyssey scrolls xx-xxiv.

Lecture: Lecture Six and Discussion on the father in the garden.

Discussion: The death of the suitors. The Hero in the garden. Heroes as champions of dikê.