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Having trouble keeping all the names in the Odyssey straight? You can use the Encyclopedia Mythica of Greek heroes or Greek mythology for a brief description of who's who and related to whom.

Diotima is an excellent site, devoted to the study of women and gender in the ancient world. It contains several types of links to resources on related topics.

Another starting point with Links to several classical sites is maintained by the University of Michigan. For our purposes in the class, the first section, "Texts, projects,..." is probably the most useful, but it also provides links to other search engines dealing with the classical world.

The Perseus Project This amazing site is a database of classical Greek and Latin texts, translations, lexica, images of classical art and archaeology, archaeological site plans, and pretty much anything else your heart desires.

Greek History

You can read a condensed version of Thomas Martin's Ancient Greece on-line on The Perseus Project.


Homer/Oral Literature

Homer's Poetic Justice: This series of five video dialogues examines the major themes of the Iliad through the lens of a litigation scene depicted on the shield of Achilles. As these dialogues will show, the shield can be seen as a microcosm, exploring in compressed form the big issues of the Iliad. The biggest issue of them all is the one that the dispute on the shield most directly concerns: What is the price of a human life?

Samuel Butler's On-line Translation of the Iliad (revised by Greg Nagy and Tim Powers) is here.

The Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature is here.


Gregory Nagy recites Homer Professor Nagy recites several passages from the Iliad, including the first sixteen lines and two attested shorter variants of those lines.


Selected bibliography on the "Homeric questions"