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This list starts with version One day we may go back and add details on earlier versions. It focuses on new features, and only includes bug fixes when they are notable.


(May 18, 2018)

  • The master list of Users now supports sorting on usernames and other user properties.
  • In lists of tagged items, the green "+" (to add new tags) appears in all cases, not just some.
  • The email notification option moved from the "Team" tab to the "Settings" tab.
  • Hub owners have a new setting to prevent taggers from opting out of email notifications when hub members update their tag records.
  • Hub owners may now send email messages to all members of the hub.
  • Hub owners may now choose any other character (such as a space) to be a tag delimiter, along with the comma.
  • Hub owners may now designate "approved tags" and limit the tag-suggestion list to approved tags.