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** [[OATP all-volunteer phase | All-volunteer phase]]
** [[OATP all-volunteer phase | All-volunteer phase]]
** [[OATP FAQ | FAQ]]
** [[OATP FAQ | FAQ]]
* Translations into Hindi and Spanish are now in progress.  
* Translations into French, Hindi, and Spanish are now in progress.  
* Please [mailto:psuber@cyber.law.harvard.edu let us know] if you'd like to take on another language.
* Please [mailto:psuber@cyber.law.harvard.edu let us know] if you'd like to take on another language.

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  • This is the home page of the Open Access Tracking Project (OATP). ISSN 2578-7020.
  • Suggested short URL for this page = bit.ly/o-a-t-p
  • OATP will enter an all-volunteer phase at the end of August 2018. We're ramping up our efforts recruit new taggers and spread the word.
  • OATP is a crowd-sourced project running on free software to capture new developments on open access to research.
  • Its mission is (1) to create real-time alerts for OA-related news and comment, and (2) to organize knowledge of the field, by tag or subtopic, for searching and sharing.
  • OATP publishes a comprehensive primary feed of new OA developments, and hundreds of smaller secondary feeds on subtopics or subsets, for example, one feed for each project tag, one for each search, and one for each user-created boolean combination of its other feeds.
  • OATP runs on TagTeam, open-source software developed specifically for OATP and now available for open, tag-based research projects on any topic. See the OATP hub within TagTeam. TagTeam stores all OATP tag records for deduping, export, preservation, modification, and search. OATP started on Connotea and moved to TagTeam in September 2012.
  • These OATP web pages formerly resided on the Open Access Directory, starting in April 2009, and moved to the HOAP wiki in May 2015. (The OATP home page had 92,072 page views at the OAD wiki before moving to the HOAP wiki. If you're counting, add that number to the page views for this page, below. But who's counting?)

We're looking for volunteers to translate one or more OATP pages into other languages.