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  • On this page I'll post updates and other notes on my book, Open Access, MIT Press, 2012.   —Peter Suber.

About the book

  • The Kindle edition is available today. Digital editions in a dozen other formats will roll out over the summer.
  • The book will become OA in June 2013, one year from the date of publication. If you can't wait that long, everything I've said in the book I've said in some form or another in an OA article, probably more than once.
  • Sorry, I don't control review copies. To get a review copy, contact MIT Press.

Comments and ideas welcome

  • I plan to launch some kind of site, other than this page, where I can gather and respond to reader comments. I welcome suggestions about the best way to do that. Meantime, I welcome comments on the book itself.


  • In this section, I'll post updates to the text. Some I couldn't fit into the book, because it was designed to be short. (I was already over my wordcount.) Some were not published until after my text was final in the spring of 2011.