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  • These are Peter Suber's supplements and updates to his book, Open Access: Research Unbound, MIT Press, 2012.

The book

  • ///here give links to MIT, Amazon, etc.; explain when/how it will become OA
  • The text was finished in the spring of 2011, with only one or two small updates inserted after that.
  • The word count is 147k, higher than MIT wanted. In many places I was constrained by the word count. For example, in the preface, I wanted to thank many more colleagues, but in the end I only thanked those who helped with economic support for my OA work.
  • Don't criticize MIT Press for not capitalizing the word "internet". The house style was to capitalize it. I insisted that it be decapitalized.
  • In most of my other writing about OA, I use the acronyms "OA" ("open access") and "TA" ("toll access") freely. But MIT didn't want too many acronyms in the text and suggested that we spell out "toll access". I agreed. But the result is that many sentences lack stylistic symmetry by contrasting open access (using "OA" the acronym) with toll access (using "toll access" the phrase).


  • Elsevier boycott

Second thoughts

  • Or: Notes toward the second edition
  • I call OA a "revolution" but say it's not a "radical" idea. What's not a radical step is to (1) solving severe problems harming you and your work by (2) taking advantage of existing technology.

Reader suggestion page

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Crowdsourced index

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