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Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP) » Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) » Translations

We're looking for volunteers to translate one or more OATP pages into other languages.

  • Translating the major OATP pages from English into other languages will help us recruit taggers and reach our goal to cover OA comprehensively in every country, language, and region.
  • If you translate one of our pages, please preserve all existing links, and add a link back to the English original. In turn, we'll link from the English original to your translation.
  • We can link to translations hosted elsewhere or host them here on the wiki. For an example of the latter, see the Spanish translation of the OATP introduction.
    • If you'd like us to host the translation here on the wiki, please send it in wikitext (also called wiki markup or wiki code).
  • There are many OATP pages. If you'd like to make a start, we recommend these OATP pages ahead of the others:
  • Translations into Bengali, Greek, and Hindi are now in progress.
  • Please let us know if you'd like to take on another language.