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  • This page is temporarily closed to public edits while the project (1) works out methods for communal governance and (2) builds software to deal with approved and deprecated tags. To suggest edits to this page, contact Peter Suber.

General tips on using region tags

  • In the war between lumpers and splitters, OATP is on the lumper side. The official or project-approved tags for regions tend to be few in number and broad in scope.
    • But OATP supports splitters by supporting user-defined tags.
    • If it's important to say that a development occurred in a particular political division of a country, build the tag from the national tag.
      • For example, tags for the provinces of Canada are based on their official abbreviations, such as oa.canada.mb, oa.canada.nb, oa.canada.on.
      • Tags for the states of India are based on their official abbreviations, such as oa.india.ap, oa.india.br, oa.india.cg.
      • Tags for the states of the USA are based on the official postal abbreviations, such as oa.usa.fl, oa.usa.ga, oa.usa.hi.
      • If you do use one of these political sub-division tags, also use the national tag (oa.canada, oa.india, oa.usa). That will help people searching for all OA developments in certain countries.
  • If you tag an item with a region tag for a certain country (oa.argentina, oa.botswana, oa.china), then consider tagging the same item by continent as well (oa.south_america, oa.africa, oa.asia). That will help people searching for all OA developments in certain continents.
  • If you're unsure what tag to use for a certain region, then fee free to invent a tag with name you use for that region, oa.REGIONNAME.

Obvious region tags

  • We don't maintain a complete list of the tags for countries. The main reason is that so many are obvious, like oa.argentina, oa.botswana, and oa.china.
  • We have tags for these continents: oa.africa, oa.antarctica, oa.asia, oa.australia, oa.europe, oa.north_america, oa.south_america.
    • But different peoples count and name the continents differently. Don't hesitate to use other tags to supplement this list, such as oa.afro-eurasia, oa.america, oa.australasia, oa.eurasia, oa.oceana.

Non-obvious region tags

  • oa.south = for items about the global south (sometimes called the developing world or third world)