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60px This list is part of the Open Access Directory.

  • This page is temporarily closed to public edits while the project (1) works out methods for communal governance and (2) builds software to deal with approved and deprecated tags. To suggest edits to this page, contact Peter Suber.

One pre-defined project tag

  • There is only one pre-defined project tag, oa.new. Use this tag for OA developments that are new within the last six months, at the time of tagging. Also use it for new articles and comments about older developments.

Many user-defined project tags

  • This is the folksonomy side of OATP. The project supports user-defined "subtopic tags" for classifying OA-related web pages. The project does not presuppose a consensus ontology for OA, but harnesses user activity to support the evolution of one.

Many approved project tags

  • This is the ontology side of OATP. Once the project approves certain tags for certain subtopics, it actively encourages their use. Except for oa.new, all of these started as user-defined tags and have been approved by the project for inclusion in the OATP tag vocabulary or ontology.
  • OATP uses the power of TagTeam to convert deprecated tags to approved tags automatically. Note that this process only affects the TagTeam copies of tag records, for example, for publishing output feeds and searching. If you tagged items on another platform (such as CiteULike, Connotea, or Delicious), your original tags will remain unchanged.
  • This list of approved tags is not complete. So far it only includes approved tags in need of annotation. Over time, we hope to make it a complete --but still growing-- list of approved tags.
    • This does not include approved national tags (oa.argentina, oa.brazil, oa.china), language tags (oa.german, oa.hindi, oa.italian), regional tags (oa.africa, oa.latin_america, oa.scandinavia), or disciplinary tags (oa.anthropology, oa.biology, oa.chemistry) unless they are non-obvious or need annotation.
    • Nor does this list include tags for the US states, based on the official postal abbreviations (oa.fl, oa.ga, oa.hi).


  • oa.access = for items about the extent of access to research (e.g. empirical studies, news stories about journal cancellations, etc.)
  • oa.ads = for items about advertising as a source of revenue for OA resources
    • Deprecated: oa.advertising
  • oa.advantage = for items about the thesis that OA articles are cited more often than non-OA articles at least in part because they are OA (sometimes called the "OA advantage" or "OA citation advantage")
    • Related: oa.citations, oa.impact
  • oa.advocacy = for items about OA advocacy
    • Related: oa.benefits, oa.declarations
  • oa.awards = for items about awards to people or projects for their contributions to OA
  • oa.awareness = for OA-related about current awareness systems (not about stakeholder awareness of OA itself)
    • Related: oa.rss, oa.search, oa.tools
    • Deprecated: current_awareness


  • oa.benefits = for items about the benefits of OA
    • Related: oa.advocacy
    • Deprecated: oa.advantages
  • oa.best_practices = for items about best practices for providing OA (e.g. summarizing, collecting, recommending best practices)
    • Related: oa.deposits, oa.recommendations
  • oa.books = for items about OA to books
    • Related: oa.books.sales, oa.case.books, oa.google.settlement, oa.google.books, oa.orphans, oa.pod, oa.textbooks
    • Deprecated: oa.ebooks, oa.monographs
  • oa.books.sales = for studies, news, and anecdotes on the question whether full-text OA editions of books help or hurt the sales of print editions
    • Related: oa.books, oa.sales
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about June 2010.
  • oa.budgets = for OA-related items about budgets, especially library budgets
    • Related: oa.libraries, oa.prices, oa.recession
  • oa.business_models = for items about business models for OA journals, books, and other OA resources
    • Related: oa.ads, oa.costs, oa.economics_of, oa.fees, oa.no-fee, oa.memberships, oa.prices, oa.profits, oa.publishers, oa.revenue, oa.sustainability


  • oa.case = for OA-related case studies
    • Related: oa.case.books, oa.case.funds, oa.case.impact, oa.case.journals, oa.case.policies.funders, oa.case.policies.universities, oa.case repositories, oa.case.sustainability
  • oa.case.books = for case studies of OA books or OA book publishers
  • oa.case.funds = for case studies of OA journal funds
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about July 2010.
  • oa.case.journals = for case studies of OA journals
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about July 2010.
  • oa.case.policies.funders = for case studies of OA policies at funding agencies
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about July 2010.
  • oa.case.repositories = for case studies of OA repositories
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about July 2010.
  • oa.case.sustainability = for case studies of the sustainability of OA projects or resources
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about July 2010.
  • oa.cfp = "call for papers"
    • Related: oa.cft
  • oa.cft = "call for tenders" (funding proposals or funding applications)
    • Related: oa.cfp, oa.funding
  • oa.citations = for OA-related items about citations, citation counts, or impact metrics based on citations
    • Related: oa.advantage, oa.impact, oa.jif, oa.metrics
  • oa.cloud = for OA-related items about cloud computing or cloud storage
  • oa.comment = for comments on OA developments, e.g. in blog posts
    • For longer or formally published comments, consider oa.article
  • oa.compliance = for items about the rate of compliance with OA policies
    • Related: oa.mandates, oa.policies
  • oa.conversions = for journals or other resources converting from non-OA to OA, or vice versa
    • Deprecated: oa.converting, oa.converted, oa.conversion.
  • oa.copyright = for OA-related developments pertaining to copyright
    • Related: oa.fair_use, oa.guerilla, oa.legislation, oa.litigation, oa.orphans, oa.patents, oa.pd, oa.takedowns, oa.tk
    • Deprecated: oa.ip
  • oa.costs = for items about the costs of producing OA resources (e.g. journals, repositories, books, etc.)
    • Related: oa.prices
  • oa.crowd = for OA-related items about crowd-sourcing


  • oa.data = for items about open data (OA to datasets)
    • Related: oa.integration, oa.lod, oa.mandates.data, oa.metadata, oa.psi, oa.repositories.data
  • oa.declarations = for items about OA declarations, such as those from Budapest, Bethesda, and Berlin
    • Related: oa.advocacy, oa.definitions
  • oa.definitions = for items about the definitions of "open access" and other key terms.
    • Related: oa.declarations, oa.terminology
  • oa.deliberating = for items about institutions considering or developing OA policies
  • oa.deposits = for items about depositing work in OA repositories (assisting, incentivizing, measuring, etc.)
    • Related: oa.best_practices, oa.green, oa.ir, oa.repositories
  • oa.digitization = for items about OA-related digitization projects
    • Related: oa.retro
  • oa.disciplines = for items about differences among the disciplines affecting the growth or uptake of OA
  • oa.discussions = for items about discussions or discussion forums (listservs, mailing lists) about OA
    • Deprecated: oa.discussion
  • oa.dynamic = for OA-related developments pertaining to dynamic ("living" or periodically updated) resources
    • Related: oa.blogging, oa.wikis


  • oa.economics = for OA-related developments in the field of economics
    • For the economics of OA itself, use oa.economics_of
  • oa.education = for OA-related developments in the field of education
    • For news about open educational resources, use oa.oer
  • oa.etds = "electronic theses and dissertations"
    • Related: oa.students
  • oa.embargoes = for items about OA embargoes (delays between publication and OA)
  • oa.encouragement = for items about policies to encourage (rather than require) OA
    • Related: oa.mandates, oa.policies
  • oa.europe = for OA-related developments from the European Union or involving more than one European country
    • Related: also see national tags for EU member states, e.g. oa.france, oa.germany, oa.italy
    • Deprecated: oa.ec, oa.eu
  • oa.event = for items about an OA conference or workshop
    • Related: oa.presentation
    • Deprecated: oa.conference, oa.meeting, oa.workshop


  • oa.fees = for items about fees (such as publication fees, submission fees, or article processing charges) charged by OA journals or other OA resources, and items about funds or policies to pay such fees on behalf of authors
    • Related: oa.business_models, oa.funders, oa.funds, oa.hybrid, oa.journals, oa.no-fee
  • oa.floss = "free/libre/open source software" (not for all FLOSS-related developments, but for all FLOSS-related developments about OA)
    • Related: oa.software
    • Deprecated: oa.foss
  • oa.formats = for OA-related items about file formats (e.g. EPUB, HTML, PDF, XML)
    • Related: oa.pdf, oa.rss, oa.xml
  • oa.funders = for items about OA-related actions taken by (public or private) funding agencies
    • Related: oa.funding, oa.funds
    • Related: tags for individual funders, e.g. oa.dfg, oa.nih, oa.wellcome (and so on)
    • Deprecated: oa.funder
  • oa.funding = for items about OA-related funding
    • Related: oa.cft, oa.funders, oa.funds
  • oa.funds = for items about funds to pay publication fees at fee-based OA journals
    • Related: oa.fees, oa.funders, oa.funding


  • oa.geo = for items about OA research in any of the "geo" sciences (Earth science, geography, geology, etc.)
  • oa.greece = for items about OA in Greece
    • This tag library is linked from openaccess.gr, the Greek national OA site.
  • oa.grey = for OA-related developments about grey literature
  • oa.growth = for items about the growth of OA
    • Related: oa.milestones
  • oa.guerrilla = for items about unlawful methods for achieving OA
    • Related: oa.copyright
    • Deprecated: oa.guerilla


  • oa.history = for OA-related developments in the field of history
    • For the history of OA itself, use oa.history_of
  • oa.humor = for humorous or satiric accounts OA-related developments
  • oa.hybrid = for items about hybrid OA journals (in which some articles are OA and some are not, at the author's choice)
    • Related: oa.journals


  • oa.iceland = for items about OA in Iceland
    • This tag library is linked from OpenAccess.IS, the Icelandic national OA site.
  • oa.integration = for items about integrating text and data (i.e. OA texts and OA data)
    • Related: oa.data
  • oa.interoperability = for OA-related items about interoperability
    • Related: oa.mashups, oa.oai, oa.standards,
  • oa.intro = for items that restate the basics for newcomers
  • oa.ir = "institutional repository" or "institutional repositories"
    • Related: oa.deposits, oa.green, oa.repositories, oa.universities
    • Deprecated: oa.irs


  • oa.jif = "journal impact factors"
    • Related: oa.citations, oa.impact, oa.metrics
    • Deprecated: oa.if, oa.ifs, oa.impact_factor, oa.impact_factors
  • oa.journalism = for items about OA research for use in journalism
    • Related: oa.lay, oa.news
  • oa.journals = for items about peer-reviewed OA journals
    • Related: oa.business_models, oa.gold, oa.hybrid, oa.publishers, oa.societies
    • Deprecated: oa.journal


  • oa.law = for items about OA research in the field of law
    • For items about laws affecting OA, see oa.legislation, oa.litigation, oa.treaties.
  • oa.lay = for items about OA for non-professional or lay readers
    • Related: oa.journalism, oa.students
  • oa.legislation = for items about bills or statutes pertaining to OA
    • Related: oa.copyright, oa.foi, oa.mandates, oa.treaties
    • For items about OA research in the field of law, use oa.law .
  • oa.libarts = for items about OA at liberal arts colleges, as opposed to research universities or other kinds of institutions
  • oa.libass = for OA-related items about library associations
    • Related: oa.libraries
  • oa.libpub = for items about libraries as OA publishers
    • Related: oa.libraries, oa.publishers
  • oa.librarians = for OA-related items about librarians
    • Related: oa.libraries, oa.people
  • oa.libraries = for OA-related items about libraries
    • Related: oa.budgets, oa.libass, oa.libpub, oa.librarians, oa.lis
  • oa.licensing = for items about licenses and licensing, especially open licenses and licensing
    • Related: oa.cc, oa.libre
    • Deprecated: oa.license, oa.licenses
  • oa.lis = "library and information science" (as a field of study)
  • oa.litigation = for items about lawsuits pertaining to OA
    • Related: oa.copyright
    • For items about OA research in the field of law, use oa.law .
  • oa.loophole = for OA policies with loopholes or opt-outs for publishers (as opposed to opt-outs for authors), for example requiring OA "subject to copyright" or "except when publishers do not allow it"
    • Related: oa.mandates, oa.policies


  • oa.mandates = for items about policies (e.g. at universities or funding agencies) to require OA
    • Related: oa.compliance, oa.encouragement, oa.loophole, oa.mandates.data, oa.policies
    • Deprecated: oa.mandate
  • oa.mandates.data = for items about policies (e.g. at funding agencies or journals) to require open data
    • Related: oa.data, oa.mandates, oa.repositories.data
  • oa.mashups = for items about OA-related mashups
    • Related: oa.api, oa.interoperability, oa.standards, oa.tools
  • oa.medicine = for items about OA in the field of medicine
    • Related: oa.biology, oa.pharma
    • This tag library is linked from OpenBioMed.Info.
  • oa.metadata = for OA-related items about metadata
    • Related: oa.data, oa.semantic
  • oa.milestones = for items about milestones passed by certain OA resources (e.g. the the millionth download from a repository)
    • Related: oa.growth
  • oa.misconduct = for OA-related items about misconduct by authors, editors, or publishers, funders, or other stakeholders
  • oa.mobile = for items about OA-related developments for mobile devices (phones, tablets, ebook readers, etc.)
  • oa.monopoly = for OA-related items about monopolies and monopolistic practices
    • Related: oa.business_models, oa.copyright, oa.patents, oa.publishers
  • oa.museums = for items about OA-related developments about museums
    • Related: oa.ch


  • oa.negative = for setbacks or opposition to OA
    • Related: oa.objections, oa.obstacles, oa.takedowns
  • oa.new = for any OA-related development or commentary new within the last six months, at the time of tagging
    • One way to read all new items tagged for OATP is to read the feed generated by this tag. A better way is to read a refined version of the same feed filtered to reduce spam.
    • For retroactive tagging, or the tagging of older content, use any relevant subtopic tag, but remember to omit oa.new.
  • oa.news = for items about OA for news
    • Related: oa.journalism
  • oa.no-fee = for items about journals and other OA resources that charge no author-side fees
    • Related: oa.business_models, oa.fees
  • oa.norway = for items about OA in Norway
    • This tag library is linked from OpenAccess.no, the Norwegian national OA site.
  • oa.notes = for online notes about OA-related developments (such as blog notes about an OA-related conference)
    • Related: oa.comment, oa.event


  • oa.oa_week = for items about Open Access Week
    • Deprecated: oa.oaweek, oa.oa-week
  • oa.oer = "open educational resources"
    • Related: oa.courseware, oa.education, oa.textbooks
    • Deprecated: oa.oers (Note that "oer" is already plural.)
    • For OA research in the field of education, use oa.education.


  • oa.peer_review = for OA-related developments about peer review (not for items about peer review without a clear OA connection, and not for all peer-reviewed OA journals)
    • Related: oa.quality
  • oa.people = for OA-related items about named individuals (e.g. interviews, appointments, promotions, awards, obituaries)
    • Deprecated: oa.personnel
  • oa.pledges = for items about pledges (usually from individuals, sometimes from organizations) to make their future work OA
  • oa.policies = for items about policies (e.g. at universities or funding agencies) to encourage or require OA
    • Related: oa.compliance, oa.encouragement, oa.mandates
    • Deprecated: oa.policy
  • oa.postprints = items about OA for postprints
    • Related: oa.preprints, oa.versions
  • oa.preprints = items about OA for preprints
    • Related: oa.postprints, oa.versions
  • oa.preservation = for OA-related items about preservation (not for preservation developments without a clear OA connection)
  • oa.prices = for items about high prices that reduce access
    • Related: oa.budgets, oa.business_models, oa.costs, oa.ta
  • oa.psi = "public sector information" (government information)
    • Related: oa.data, oa.government
  • oa.publishers = for OA-related developments about publishers
    • Related: oa.business_models, oa.libpub, oa.societies


  • oa.quality = for OA-related items about the quality of research
    • Related: oa.impact, oa.metrics, oa.prestige


  • oa.recession = for items about how hard economic times affect the prospects for OA
    • Related: oa.budgets
  • oa.religion = for OA research in the field of religion and theology
    • Deprecated: oa.theology
  • oa.repositories = for items about OA repositories
    • Related: oa.deposits, oa.green, oa.ir, oa.oai, oa.repositories.data, oa.repositories.disciplinary
    • Deprecated: oa.repository, oa.archive, oa.archives
  • oa.repositories.data = for items about OA repositories for data
    • Related: oa.deposits, oa.green, oa.ir, oa.mandates.data, oa.oai, oa.repositories, oa.repositories.disciplinary
  • oa.repositories.disciplinary = for items about disciplinary OA repositories (also called "central" or "subject" repositories)
    • Related: oa.deposits, oa.green, oa.ir, oa.oai, oa.repositories, oa.repositories.data
  • oa.reproducibility = for OA-related items about the reproducibility of research (for example on how OA facilitates reproducibility)
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about February 2010.
  • oa.retro = for items about providing retroactive OA, or OA to previously published literature
    • Related: oa.digitization
  • oa.revenue = for items about revenues for OA publishers
    • Related: oa.ads, oa.business_models, oa.economics_of, oa.fees, oa.no-fee, oa.memberships, oa.prices, oa.profits, oa.publishers, oa.sustainability


  • oa.search = for OA-related items about search engines
    • Related: oa.awareness, oa.mining, oa.software, oa.tools
  • oa.signatures = for OA-related petitions and declarations collecting signatures
    • Related: oa.declarations, oa.petitions
  • oa.societies = for OA-related developments about learned societies or professional associations, especially those that publish journals
    • Related: oa.publishers
  • oa.software = for items about OA-related software (e.g. repository software)
    • Related: oa.floss, oa.tools
  • oa.south = for items about OA-related developments in the "global south" or developing and transition countries
    • Related: oa.development, oa.recession, oa.tk
    • Deprecated: oa.developing
  • oa.spam = for pages not relevant to OA but mischievously tagged as if they were (especially with oa.new)
  • oa.ssh = "social sciences and humanities" (as fields of study)
    • Related: oa.stm (science, technology, and medicine)
    • Deprecated: oa.hss, oa.social_sciences, oa.socialsciences
  • oa.standards = for items about standards related to OA, and sometimes open standards related to scholarly communication more broadly
    • Related: oa.interoperability, oa.oai
  • oa.stm = "science, technology, and medicine" (as fields of study)
    • Related: oa.ssh (social sciences and humanities)
  • oa.students = for items about OA by or for students
    • Related: oa.courseware, oa.etds, oa.lay', oa.oer


  • oa.ta = "toll access"; for items that are themselves TA (toll access), as opposed to items about TA
  • oa.takedowns = for items about "takedown notices", or legal demands from copyright holders that a web site remove an OA work
    • Related: oa.copyright, oa.negative
    • Retroactively comprehensive since about December 2013.
  • oa.terminology = for items about the words used when discussing OA and related topics.
    • Related: oa.definitions
  • oa.textbooks = for items about OA textbooks
    • Related: oa.books, oa.oer
  • oa.tools = for items about OA-related tools
    • Related: oa.awareness, oa.search, oa.software
  • oa.treaties = for items about OA-related treaties
    • Related: oa.legislation


  • oa.universities = for items about OA-related actions or policies from universities
    • Deprecated: oa.university
  • oa.up = "university press" or "university presses"
    • Deprecated: oa.university_press, oa.university_presses, oa.ups


  • oa.versions = for items about the versions of articles (or books etc.) to become OA
    • Related: oa.postprints, oa.preprints


  • oa.wellcome = for items about OA-related actions of the Wellcome Trust
    • Deprecated: oa.wellcome_trust, oa.wt

Annotating OATP tags

We will try to include these kinds of annotation on the approved project tags. Please let us know if we can improve the annotations.

  1. To describe their scope or purpose
    • For example: oa.societies: "for OA-related developments about learned societies or professional associations, especially those that publish journals"
  2. To spell out abbreviations
    • For example: oa.pd: "public domain"
  3. To point to related tags, for taggers who might want to use them and for readers who might want to follow or search for them
    • For example: oa.repositories: "Related: oa.deposits, oa.green, oa.ir, oa.oai, oa.repositories.data, oa.repositories.disciplinary "
  4. To recommend alternative tags
    • For example: oa.economics: "for OA-related developments in the field of economics; for the economics of OA itself, use oa.economics_of "
  5. To indicate when a tag is deprecated
    • For example: oa.repositories: "Deprecated: oa.archive, oa.archives, oa.repository "
  6. To indicate when an external web site links to an OATP tag library
    • For example: oa.cope: "This tag library is linked from the COPE links page."
  7. To point users to a discussion about the tag
  8. To indicate efforts to make a tag retroactively comprehensive, or efforts to search out and tag relevant past items. Note that "comprehensive" here does not mean "complete".
    • For example: oa.books.sales: "Retroactively comprehensive since about June 2010."

Discussing OATP tags

  • We may launch a forum for discussing which proposed tags should be approved for the project. Meantime, use the discussion section attached to this page (second tab from left, above) to discuss the best tags for given subtopics.