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  This page has not yet been updated to reflect the transition from Connotea to TagTeam. It will be soon.  
  • If you create a customized feed, combining the project feed with other feeds, filtering it, or both, let us know and we'll add it here. It might be useful to others.
  • If you create widgets to display the feed, or other mashups of any kind to make the feed useful for different purposes, let us know and we'll add them here.

Combining the project feed with others

  • Jim Till combined the OATP project feed (first 15 items, no duplicates) with the feed (first 15 items) for a Twitter search for the hashtag #OpenAccess. The results are available as a webpage or as a RSS feed, sorted by publication date in descending order. This mashup doesn't eliminate duplicates that have been both bookmarked oa.new on Connotea and also hashmarked #OpenAccess (or #openaccess) on Twitter. For a brief report about this Yahoo pipe, see the Comment section of a blog post dated May 24, 2009.

Widgets to display the feed

  • Connotea offers code and instructions for displaying the 10 most recently tagged items on a blog or web page. By default, however, its code will display just the items you tagged yourself. In order to display the 10 items most recently tagged with oa.new by any project participant, modify the Connotea instructions in one respect.
    • Replace the second script command,
      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.connotea.org/pub/jsw/user/username">
    • with this,
      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.connotea.org/pub/jsw/tag/oa.new">
    • For a working example of this widget, see the sidebar of Open Access News. The OAN version added minor color and font modifications to suit the blog's look and feel.
  • Many other online services offer widgets for displaying RSS feeds on web pages. Eventually list some of the better ones here, preferably with links to working examples displaying the OATP feed.

Other ways to display the feed

  • Technically, the email versions of the feed are mashups, picking up the Connotea RSS feeds and running them through the Feedburner RSS-to-email converter. But we list them with the versions of the project feed for users who are not comfortable with RSS and may not think to look elsewhere for variations.