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You can follow the primary OATP Twitter feed at @oatp.

  • It's the most popular of the many formats of the primary OATP feed.

Note that it's abridged.

  • It's abridged because the native OATP output is in RSS, and all the RSS-to-Twitter tools I've been able to identify truncate the feed.
  • Currently, I'm using IFTTT, which limits the feed to 25 tweets per day.
  • On most days, we're under 25, and the Twitter feed is complete. But on heavy days we exceed 25, and the Twitter feed is incomplete.
  • This is annoying. But it helps to remember that it's a side effect of success (success in covering OA comprehensively).

I welcome your help in identifying, or creating, an RSS-to-Twitter tool that does not abridge feed.