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There's a Twitter version of the primary OATP feed.

However, the Twitter feed is abridged.

  • It's abridged against our will. It's abridged because the native OATP output is RSS, and all the RSS-to-Twitter tools we've found truncate the feed.
  • Currently, we use IFTTT, which limits us to 25 tweets per day. That's a higher cap than any other tool we've found, but we'd still like to remove the cap.
  • On most days, OATP tags fewer than 25 new items, and on those days the Twitter feed is complete. But on heavy days we exceed 25, and the Twitter feed is incomplete.
  • This is annoying. But it helps to remember that hitting the cap is a side effect of success (success in covering OA comprehensively).

We welcome your help in identifying or creating an RSS-to-Twitter tool that does not abridge the Twitter feed.

Meantime consider one of the unabridged versions of the primary OATP feed.

  • The most popular unabridged version is the email version. (You can sign up here.) You'll receive one neatly-formatted email per day containing all the day's feed items.
  • If you don't want to sign up for anything, the easiest method is to use the HTML version. It's organized like a blog, with the most recent items at the top. Bookmark it and revisit whenever you want to catch up.
  • See the other versions of the primary OATP feed. Only the Twitter version is abridged; all the others are unabridged.

As a project, OATP only pushes the primary feed to Twitter.

  • But if you think it would be useful, please feel free to use IFTTT, or another RSS-to-Twitter tool, to push any of the hundreds of other OATP feeds to Twitter.