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  October 9, 2017. I sketched this page here on the HOAP wiki, October 8, 2017, and moved it to the OAD October 9, 2017.  

  • On this page, I'm collecting OA projects that need programming help and programmers willing to donate their time.
    • I got the idea from and some student programmers at the Stevens Institute of Technology. See my blog post about it, and the corresponding tweet, from October 8, 2017.
    • I started this page the same day.
  • I hope that someone one else can come up with a better way to organize this matching. I hope the idea catches on, and if it does, I won't have time to add all the listings manually. I look forward to redirecting from this page to one or more better implementations of the same idea.
  • Meantime, contact me if you'd like to be listed. If you're an OA project in need of programming help, give me the name of the project, the URL if any, the name of a contact person, and his/her email address. If you're a programmer or programming team willing to donate time, give me the name of a contact person and his/her email address. I'll assume that if you send me this kind of info, you agree to let me post it. I won't directly match projects and programmers. I'll just let everyone review what's on offer and contact promising leads on their own.
  • Attention CS professors: If you're willing to give academic credit to students who understake this kind of work, please bring this page to their attention.

Programmers willing to donate their time

  • [Just started, no listings yet.]

OA projects in need of programming help

  • [Just started, no listings yet.]