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Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP)


HOAP launched in 2011 to foster open access (OA) within Harvard, foster OA beyond Harvard, undertake research and policy analysis on OA, and provide OA to timely and accurate information about OA itself.


HOAP was funded by grants from Arcadia (2011-2016) and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (2016-2018). During both grant periods, HOAP was based at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

HOAP continues as a live but unfunded project of the Berkman Klein Center. See how this affects the HOAP-based Open Access Tracking Project.


HOAP consults pro bono with universities, funders, societies, publishers, governments, tool-builders, start-ups, and researchers on OA issues, strategies, policies, and practices. Among other things, these confidential, time-available consultations can assist with policy language, implementation, and answers to frequently heard questions, objections, and misunderstandings. For more information, please contact Peter Suber.

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In the years when HOAP was funded by the original Arcadia and Arnold grants (2011-2018), the co-PIs were Robert Darnton, William Fisher, Urs Gasser, Sue Kriegsman, Colin Maclay, Phil Malone, John Palfrey, Stuart Shieber, Peter Suber, and Jonathan Zittrain.

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