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Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP) » Open Access Tracking Project (OATP) » Get started as a tagger

If you don't already have a TagTeam account

  1. The Harvard instance of TagTeam is temporarily closed to open sign-ups, and requires case-by-case approval for new accounts.
    • One reason is to limit spam.
    • Another reason is that we're in the process of limiting new accounts to research projects.
    • Of course the code is open and you're free to host an instance of TagTeam elsewhere.
    • But if you have a research project and want an account, please write to Peter Suber and say something about the nature of your project. If you want to tag for OATP, please say so.
    • When you're cleared, you'll get a temporary username and password for TagTeam.
    • This system of human approval will not scale and we'll soon replace it. Stay tuned, and apologies for the inconvenience.
  1. Go to the Harvard instance of TagTeam. This is the software running OATP and many tag-based research projects.
  1. Click the "Log in" link in the upper right corner.
  1. Log in with your temporary username and password:
    • This will take you to a page where you can choose your own username and password.
    • When you get this far, you'll have an account in TagTeam. That allows you create new hubs, tag for those hubs, and authorize others to tag for them as well.
    • To tag for an existing hub, like OATP, you'll need the permission of the hub owner, which you can request through the "Contact" tag on that hub.

Once you have a TagTeam account

  1. Log in to the Harvard instance of TagTeam.
  1. Go to the OATP hub within TagTeam.
  1. Click on the "Contact" tab in the left sidebar. Fill in the form and click "Submit".
  1. The OATP hub owner (Peter Suber) will receive the message and approve you when it arrives.

Adding and using the tagging bookmarklet

  1. Log in to the Harvard instance of TagTeam.
  1. Go to the OATP hub within TagTeam.
  1. Click on the "Bookmarks" tab in the left sidebar.
  1. Drag the "Add to TagTeam" link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar.
  1. When you're viewing a page you want to tag, just click on the bookmarklet and fill in the pop-up form.

Familiarize yourself with OATP tagging

  1. Read the OATP tagging guidelines.
  1. Review the major, project-approved OATP tags.
  1. Review the section of the TagTeam manual on tagging.
  1. For more background, read our brief introduction to TagTeam.

Additional tips and suggestions

  • You might want to create a personal hub just to play with the software, or to track items not related to OA. If you do, then you'll have tagging permission in more than one hub (OATP plus your own hubs). When you go to tag a new item, the bookmarklet lets you choose which hub it will go to (in a pull-down menu in the upper left corner). The default is that the new item goes the hub for which you most recently tagged something.
  • If you're viewing an OA-related page that you'd like to tag for OATP, click on the "Add to TagTeam" bookmarklet, choose to tag for OATP rather than a different hub, and see that the bookmarklet form is already filled in, that means that the page has already been tagged for OATP. You could just withdraw and move on, relieved that someone has saved you time. Or you could review the tags already applied to that page and decide to apply some additional tags omitted by the previous tagger(s).
  • The OATP tagging conventions and list of approved tags (links above) are both fairly long and might be intimidating. But I hope you won't be intimidated. There's a learning curve, but it's not that steep. Once you start tagging for OATP, let me know and I can give you feedback on your tagging.
  • If there's a subtopic on which you want to try to find and tag all new items, let me know. We're trying to recruit OATP taggers to take responsibility (alone or jointly) for certain subtopics. There's no need to decide this soon; just keep the possibility in mind.
  • If you want, I can send you some older items not previously tagged. Tagging them retroactively is useful to the project, but doesn't put them in the current feed received by subscribers. Hence, they make a good "sandbox" for learning how to tag. Just drop me a line if you'd like to give this a try.