Best practices for university OA policies

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  • This is a guide to best practices for university OA policies.
  • Currently the guide is private in the sense that no web pages deliberately link to it. I believe that some pages automatically created by the wiki software will link to it. Is that private enough for our purposes?
  • When we decide it's ready, we can make all or some of it public.
  • Before release, get other key partners to make their own suggestions and sign on to the result, e.g. SPARC and EOS.
  • Eventually add recommendations on all important points, and link to literature and evidence in support of our recommendations. Consider writing an executive summary of the guide, for rapid orientation or busy committees.
  • Eventually make a second guide for funder policies.
  • Also see Harvard's annotated Model OA Policy.

Drafting a policy

Adopting a policy

Implementing a policy

Other best-practice guides

  • PS has many in his offline notes. Will add them soon.