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Use of the site

1. How often did you visit the Homer's Poetic Justice web site? (Choose the most appropriate selection.)

2. How did your actual time spent with the site compare to the amount of time you expected to spend?

3. When you used the web site, which sections did you use? (You can mark as many as you like from the following list.)

RealVideo lectures

Weekly discussion question forums

Dialogue Notes (lecture hall)

Open forum for newcomers to Homer

Optional video lectures

ichat (scheduled live discussion)

Optional lecture notes

Reference page

Current topic page

Getting started page

On-line text of the Iliad


4. Did you post a message in any of the discussion forums during the discussion series? Yes No

4a. If no, why not?

5. Did you encounter any technological problems using the site? If so, please describe them, with specific information about what kind of equipment and software you were using.


Evaluation of the discussion series

6. How would you rate the discussion series and the site overall?

7. If you used the video lectures, please tell us how useful or interesting you found them.

 8. If you used the discussion forums, please give us your thoughts on them.

9. What additions or improvements would you make for this series?

10. Please give us any other comments you have about Homer's Poetic Justice, and any suggestions for future discussion series like this one!

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