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Project Description

Question Tool is a discussion tool for groups including classrooms and organizations holding meetings rooted in the Socratic method . Users are able to make posts that can be voted on or discussed by participants either with attribution or anonymously.

GitHub Repo:

Demo instance:

Ideal Candidate

Question Tools is written in Javascript using the Meteor.js framework. In addition to javascript the ideal candidate will have extensive experience with front-end web development technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and CSS animations. An ideal candidate will also have design experience and be familiar with mobile responsive design UX and UI best practices.

Project Goals

Here are some ideas, suggestions, and thoughts for directions you might take working on the Question Tool for a summer. We recognize that there are many other way to make question tool better and would love to hear your ideas as well. Please note that a project proposal does not need to take on all of the ideas below but rather should rather be well thought out approaches to improving the platform and realistic about your summer goals.

General use UI/UX Improvements

  • Improve on the UX of the instance creation process to better articulate the constraints on an instance and what settings are best for different types of conversations.
  • Allow features to be editable by an instance owner after the creation process.
  • Improvements to the management process for admin, owner, and mod roles.
    • Streamlining account creation for moderators
    • Implantation of a password reset functionality for Admin and Mods
  • Continued improvements to mobile UI/UX
  • Implementation of an archive functionality an Admin can take advantage of.
    • How can an Admin download an archive version of a Question Tool instance?
    • What would an archive format look like?
    • How can the instance be represented without having to re-instantiate that instance?
    • Please keep in mind that the Question Tool is NOT intended as a long term hosting platform and we would rather avoid having to "re-upload" that archive to view it.

Improvements to Question Tool's classroom presentation UI/UX

One of Question Tool's primary uses is in the classroom. Question Tool already has a "full screen" mode for use when projected at the front of a classroom or lecture hall. We would like to improve on and refine this functionality. We see several ways that this can be improved and welcome other ideas you may have related to this use case.

  • Implementation of QR codes for easy access to Question Tool instances URLs from a mobile device.
    • How would this process look?
    • When and how would best be the time and place for a QR code to be displayed?
    • Is it something that can always be represented for an instance in a meaningful way?
  • Remote control of a projected instance from another device.
    • Allow an Admin or possibly a Mod to control and highlight questions that are projected.
    • How can the real time aspects of meteor.js be leveraged for this?
    • What does this process look like from an Admin's perspective?
    • How does this functionality work with multiple Admins and Mods? Can it?