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Contact Information




Which method of communication do you prefer? (i.e. in person, email, chat, video conference, etc.):

What Berkman project(s) are you interested in?

About You

  1. If you have a link to a resume/CV/LinkedIn profile, include it here.
  2. Please describe yourself, including your development background and specific expertise.
  3. What do you hope to gain through the process of participating in GSoC, and specifically by contributing to a Berkman project?
  4. Why are you interested in the Berkman coding project(s) you stated above?
  5. Have you reviewed the important dates and times for GSoC?
  6. Do you have any significant conflicts with the listed schedule? If so, please list them here.
  7. Do you understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full-time paid summer internship or summer job?
  8. We strongly prefer students that provide code samples, ideally in a "social coding" site like GitHub. Please provide a link to code you've written, whether it's a zip file / tarball you host on your own or your Github profile.


Please repeat the following if you are applying to more then one of our projects.


  • Provide a brief overview of your proposed solution and objectives you want to achieve with your chosen project.
  • Please include programming languages and technologies you plan to use.


Describe your proposed solution in as much detail as you can. Explain what algorithms/technologies you intend to use/study (if any). You can also include links to additional details like diagrams, etc., outlining your ideas acting as supplementary information for your proposal outside of this scope.

The strongest proposals will help us understand _why_ these features are a good idea. How will the features you propose help the project or its users?

Project Plan

How do you plan to spend your summer? Please include a preliminary plan, broken down by pre-Midterm and post-Midterm, on how you think you can fulfill your project in the time allocated. Try to be as specific and realistic as you can with your goals and timeline.

The project plan and its timeline will form a significant part of the assessment of your application, as well as mid-term and final evaluations.

Additional Information

If you would like to provide any other relevant information, please do so here.

What to expect from your mentor (and what your mentor expects from you)

If you are selected to GSoC with the Berkman Klein Center, you can expect the following:

  • We recognize that the goals may change during the project, and the mentors will accept modifications to the goals at any time. But they are also expecting to see reasonable effort go into the initial project timeline. Any changes to your goals or plan are expected to be immediately communicated to your mentor.
  • Your mentor will establish a weekly, synchronous checkin with you.
  • In addition to that checkin, your mentor will discuss with you any specific status updates or any other regular communication they expect from you as well as which methods they prefer for documentation and collaboration (Google Docs, wiki, etc.).
  • The project plan and timeline you set forth in your application will also form a significant part of your mid-term and final evaluations.

What to expect from GSoC at Berkman Klein

We want you to have a productive, engaging summer. To that end:

  • We will schedule several events throughout the summer where you can interact with other GSoC students and the broader BKC community.
  • You will have the opportunity to present your work to this broader community.
  • While your mentor should be your first line of contact for any questions you might have throughout the summer, you will always be able contact your GSoC administrators, Ellen Popko and Andromeda Yelton, at We can help you with both administrative and technical questions.