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The Berkman Klein Center will not put out an open call for applications for fellowships for the 2021-2022 academic year. As we look forward and prepare to adjust to 2021-2022 realities, we plan to use the year to experiment with some newer community program formats. We will also be refining our fellowship program, and what it may return as in future years when there is more clarity about the status of campus life. To stay informed about future programs and opportunities at BKC, please sign up for our weekly newsletter.

There are two primary ways in which the Berkman Klein Center accepts fellowship applications: through an annual open call for fellowship applications, and through periodic calls for applications for specific fellowships.  To be notified of new fellowship opportunities when they are announced, please sign up for our jobs listserv.

Open Call for Fellowship Applications

There is an annual open call for fellowship applications. Through this channel, applicants submit research proposals of their own design.

Calls for Applications for Specific Fellowships

The Center makes periodic calls for applications for specific project fellowships and fellowships to help address other Center priorities. These may happen at any point during the year. Fellowship positions announced in this manner often, but not always, involve direct work on ongoing Berkman Klein projects.

In some cases project-based positions are considered employee fellowships and are funded. 

In other cases the fellowships are directly related to a focused program run at the Berkman Klein Center and are non-employee roles.