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From The Future of Law Libraries: the Future is Now?
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Have an idea for a breakout session in the 2:00 slot? Please add it here!

As of June 15, online proposals are closed. You may still propose a topic when you arrive.

- Information Literacy and Changing Patron Needs (Topic proposed by Sarah Glassmeyer

- Role for law libraries in e-learning initiatives (Topic proposed by Simon Canick; computer/projector requested)

- Digital Plus Confidentiality and Potential Roles for Law Libraries (Topic proposed by Anne Klinefelter;

- Is That Swan...Black? (Topic proposed by Kent McKeever)

- Taking the Long View: Planning to spend another 20 or 30 years in this profession? What do you see as our greatest longterm challenges? What can we start doing individually and collectively to address them, even if we aren't yet at the director/associate level? (Topic proposed by Meg Kribble)

- Managing for the Future: The Library Manager's Role in Shaping the Future of Law Libraries. Directors, middle managers and department heads brainstorm for the future. (Topic proposed by Ron Wheeler)

- Heading for the finish line for the Massachusetts inventory for AALL. If anyone (especially Massachusetts librarians) is interested in helping finish Massachusetts or learn more about the AALL inventory in general. Or we could discuss law issues in general. (Michelle Pearse)