Digital Media Trends in Asia Pacific

Apple has announced that it will release a Japanese version of iTunes in 2004, and other online music distributors are likely to follow this trend toward globalization.  How will media services like iTunes fare abroad?  As Renny Hwang's report, "Digital Media Trends in Asia-Pacific," explains, their success will depend on a variety of legal and cultural factors.  Hwang identifies some of the key issues related to online media distribution such as litigation patterns, copyright protection systems, downloading tendencies, and levels of broadband penetration in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia.

Privacy: What are you so worried about?

New tools that collect information about consumers’ online behavior have equipped advertisers with a potentially dangerous amount of power, according to Tal Zarsky, a Fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.  Zarsky spoke at the Berkman Center on January 27 about tailored content and explained that advertisers’ ability to capture information about users not only allows them to target ads more effectively but gives them a greater ability to manipulate consumers.  “What’s the problem with giving people what they want – why should this worry us?” asked several attendees of the event.  Zarsky explained that the lack of visibility about data-mining and the potential for taking advantage of consumers are both problematic from the perspective of individual autonomy and for protecting privacy in the future.

Two New Ways to Tune In

The Berkman Center is launching two new series to provide a different angle on issues affecting technology and Internet law.  AudioBerkman will provide ten audio documentaries that address different topics in Internet law.  The pilot project is a 15-minute piece about a conference on Digital Media held at Harvard this fall.  Visit the AudioBerkman page to read more and download the pieces.Berkman Briefings will offer case studies, essay, interviews, and journalistic pieces about issues affecting Internet law, technology, and Berkman Center research.  The two Briefings currently available include a story, Diebold v.

Copy Left in The New York Times

Robert Boynton describes the state of U.S. copyright law in a story in this weekend's New York Times Magazine, "The Tyranny of Copyright?"  Boynton links the controversy over the Diebold memos with the ongoing debates about digital media distribution and the general culture of Internet users in his analysis of the Copy Left movement.  Also figuring prominently in his story are Yochai Benkler, Larry Lessig, Charlie Nesson, Jonathan Zittrain, Terry Fisher, and the Berkman Center itself.

RIAA Sues Users, Round 2

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed lawsuits against 532 people for alleged copyright violation in the use of illegal file-sharing services.  This is the RIAA’s second wave of lawsuits against users -- a move which, according to Prof.