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Summer Internship Program 2011: application webform for students from all disciplines except law.


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Thanks for your interest in applying for a summer 2011 Berkman Center internship.

This webform is intended for all students except law students. If you are a law student interested in applying, please fill out the law student application webform at

Applications will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday March 13, 2011.

To apply, we require:

  1. A letter of interest describing your skills and interests – to be included both as an attachment and written as text into the webform below.
  2. A current resume or CV – to be included both as an attachment and written as text into the webform below.
  3. Contact information for 2 references (academic or professional) – to be written in the webform below.

Additionally, please be sure to answer all the questions marked as required below.

Personal Information
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Social Networking:
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Current level of study:
Year of study most recently completed (eg. freshman, sophomore, 3rd year):
Major or area of study:
Berkman Center projects in which you have interest and on which you would like to work:
Required Application Materials
Letter of Interest (attachment):
Letter of interest (text):
Current resume or CV (attachment):
Current resume or CV (text):
Reference #1 (first and last name, affiliation, email, phone number):
Reference #2 (first and last name, affiliation, email, phone number):
Summer Housing
Would you like to be considered for dorm housing on the Harvard campus?

We will likely have a limited number of dorm rooms on the Harvard campus available to our summer interns for the length of our summer program. We may not have enough spots for all, and will use a lottery to allocate spots to interns who have expressed interest. Please let us know here if you would like to be considered for summer housing on the Harvard campus should you become a summer intern with us. (Please note that an expression of interest is not a guarantee that we will be able to provide a room to you.)