Blocked Pages by Yahoo Category
Documentation of Internet Filtering in Saudi Arabia

This table reports the number of pages found to be blocked in each Yahoo category and subcategory. For each category and sub-category, the first number in parenthesis gives the number of specific web pages found to be blocked, while the second number in parenthesis reports the number of pages blocked in that category as a proportion of the number of pages tested from that category. Small-font text below each category listing gives up to fifty specific pages found to be blocked (ordered by descending number of inbound links).

Regional (396, 1.3%) -

Society and Culture (308, 2.8%) -

Entertainment (173, 6.7%) -

Business and Economy (140, 2.6%) -

Arts (81, 2.7%) -

Health (55, 5.2%) -

Recreation (49, 4.2%) -

News and Media (42, 0.7%) -

Science (36, 2.0%) -

Government (33, 1.0%) -

Computers and Internet (30, 4.8%) -

Social Science (23, 4.1%) -

Reference (9, 0.9%) -

Education (6, 0.1%) -


For each blocked URL, Yahoo categories were obtained by entering the blocked URL into Yahoo's ordinary search interface. When a blocked URL is the root page of a domain, i.e. without a further directory path or filename, the Yahoo search system may in some instances return categories that pertain to other pages within the blocked domain. If a block takes place at the level only of a root page, but does not extend to pages deeper in the domain's directory tree, erroneous reporting of Yahoo categories may result. However, in the authors' testing, blocks of the affected servers (namely, those servers providing personal home pages) covered all pages on a given server, rendering this concern moot.