Comparison of and Results for 'Stormfront' - Screenshot
Localized Google Search Result Exclusions

The authors have confirmed that when a or search yields results that have been excluded (relative to the full results available on the ordinary site), the French and german versions of Google simply omit the results at issue. The screenshot below (prepared on October 21, 2002) shows a search for the word "stormfront" on (left window) versus the same search on (right window). Notice that the first three results on the search are, while the search omits these results, then continues with the sites ranked lower by

Interested readers can compare these searches for themselves, using their own computers, web browsers, and Internet connections. See the and 'stormfront' searches in a popup, or compare them in ordinary windows: a search for Stormfront on versus the same search on

Comparison of results (left window) and (right) for search term 'stormfront'