Cure or Catastrophe?

Many people advocate the legalization of marijuana due to its medicinal value, arguing that the drug relieves symptoms of glaucoma, eases the pain of AIDS victims and cancer patients, and is in fact a "wonderdrug" with unheralded possibilities. Others, however, argue that any benefits of legalizing marijuana are offset by other costs, whether economic, political, or social. The following is a detailed discussion of many of the concerns surrounding the debate.



  Societal Concerns

- What About Our Kids?

- A Cure for All Ills?

Economic Conflicts

- Has the Pharmaceutical Industry Spurred

International Prohibition?


- What Are the Medical Dangers of Marijuana Use?

- Medical Marijuana - Fact from Fiction, a Scientific Manna?


- Is Drug Enforcement Necessary or Effective?

- Should the War on Drugs Be Continued?

Created by: Bodies of Evidence 1999