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Beckmann, Daniel, Creative Executive,
Buzenberg, Bill, Executive Director, Center for Public Intergrity
Castells, Manuel, Profesor of Communication and Wallis Annenberg Chair in Communication, USC Annenberg
Chideya, Farai, Host, News & Notes, NPR
Cohn, David,  Writer on Science, Technology and Culture, 
Cooper, Ron, Executive Director, Access Sacramento
Darr, Carol, Associate Research Professor, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University
Duffy, Margaret, Research Associate Professor, University of Missouri School of Journalism
Ferro, Jennifer, Assistant General Manager and Executive Producer, Good Food, KCRW
Florin, Fabrice, Executive Director and Founder,
Funabiki, Jon, Professor of Journalism, San Francisco University
Gillmor, Dan, Director, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Arizona State University
Hume, Ellen, Research Director, Center for Future Civic Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ivy, Clint, Performance Marketing at Fox Interactive Media
James, Nathaniel, Campaign Coordinator, Media & Democracy Coalition
Jones, Mark, Global Community Editor at Reuters
Kelly, John, Affiliate, Berkman Center at Harvard Law School and PhD Candidate, Columbia University
Kennedy, Jim, Director of Strategic Planning, The Associated Press
Kirtley, Jane, Director, Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law, University of Minnesota
Krim, Jonathan, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (no up-to-date bio)
Larsen, Solana, Journalist and Activist, Global Voices
Malatia, Torey, President & General Manager, Chicago Public Radio
Moore, Martin, Director, Media Standards Trust
Orr, Jimmy, On-line Editor, Christian Science Monitor
Palfrey, John, Clinical Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School
Pierce, Tony, Editor, LA Times
Poulson, David, Great Lakes Wiki
Racine, Laurie, President, dotSUB
Revere, Elspeth, Vice President of General Program, MacArthur Foundation
Sambrook, Richard, Director, BBC Global News
Sawyer, Jon, Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Schaffer, Jan, Executive Director, J-Lab
Schultze, Steve, Graduate Student, Comparative Media Studies, MIT
Searls, Doc, Fellow, Project VRM/Berkman
Seltzer, Wendy, Founder, Chilling Effects
Shapiro, Jake, Executive Director, PRX
Sigal, Ivan, Senior Fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace
Smith, Owen, Newspaper Association of America
Smolens, Michael, Founder & CEO, dotSUB
Soares, Marcelo, Sao Paulo
Steiger, Paul, Editor-In-Chief, ProPublica
Suro, Roberto, Professor, USC Annenberg
Taplin, Jonathan, Adjunct Professor, USC Annenberg 
Vega, Richard, Yahoo! News
Weinberger, David, Fellow, Berkman Center at Harvard Law School 
Weisenhaus, Doreen, Director of Media Law Project & Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
Wilson, Ernest, Dean and Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication, USC Annenberg
Williams, Lisa, Founder and Editor,
Zittrain, Jonathan, Co-Founder and Faculty Co-Director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Zuckermann, Ethan, Co-Founder, Global Voices