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Mission/Purpose: The mission of the Maroon Sovereignty Project (a branch of Cyberjam) is to create a web based forum to address sovereignty issues concerning the Maroon peoples of Jamaica. This segment of Jamaican society has a proud and valiant history that has secured for them certain sovereign rights under binding treaty. Unfortunately, their hard won autonomy is systematically infringed upon by other sovereign powers domestic and foreign to Jamaica.

The lens we have used to focus on violations of Maroon sovereignty is the current Jamaican and United States counter-drug policies which make it illegal for independent Maroons to grow and use marijuana. These policies prevent a sovereign people from engaging in practices that have strong and long-standing roots in their heritage, culture and religion.

To be perfectly clear, we do not advocate or encourage the use of drugs termed illegal by the Jamaican or United States governments. We also do not maintain that the Maroons should be allowed to grow marijuana for distribution into other communities or nations in contravention of those nations' laws. All we seek to prove is that as a sovereign and autonomous body of individuals, the Maroon peoples must be allowed to grow marijuana for personal use in their community if they choose to do so.


  • The Treaty forming the basis of Maroon Sovereignty
  • How do we JUSTLY "read" the Maroon treaty?
  • Why the Treaty gives the Maroons the right to produce and use Ganja
  • A Historical Contract Analysis of the Treaty
  • International Law and the Treaty
  • History of the Maroons
  • Another Ingredient: United States Drug Policy
  • For More Information: Links and Sources
  • What do you think?
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