Kevin Wallen’s Biography


Kevin Wallen, leader of SSET, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, spent the first eleven years of his life in Trelawny with his grandmother and other siblings. The family later migrated to Kingston, Jamaica where they resided for four years in Stadium Gardens. Kevin attended the Norman Gardens All Age School.


At age 15, Kevin and his bothers would migrated to Canada, where he attended Westwood Secondary School and Lakewood University, from which he graduated with a Bachelors Degree and distinguished record in collegiate wrestling. Following college, Kevin worked as a motivational speaker in various international venues.


In 1999, Kevin and his bothers returned home to Jamaica. As a family, they engaged in a number of successful business ventures, including One Stop Computers. Kevin continued to conduct motivational seminars. He was soon introduced to SET (Students Expressing Truth) a group of incarcerated individuals at South Camp Rehabilitation Centre. He was immediately drawn to this group and has supported it and worked with it ever since.


 Presently, Kevin is actively involved with SET. He also serves as Director of Public Relations for Innocence International, the brainchild organisation of Reuben “Hurricane” Cater, which lobbies for the rights of wrongly imprisoned individuals. Kevin also produces and hosts two programmes, “Unchained” and Barbershop” on ROOTS FM, Jamaica’s first Community radio station. “Unchained” creates a link between incarcerated individuals and those on the outside, and also serves as a medium of highlighting the real experiences of those imprisoned. “Barbershop” highlights the lighter side of Kevin’s personality. This programme allows males to converse on issues affecting them. Kevin also serves as a consultant for the Department of Correctional Services and the United States Agency of International Development (USAID).


Kevin is undoubtedly a philanthropist at heart. He strongly believes that excellence can be achieved by applying the principles of hard work, positive attitude and a strong commitment to excellence. His primary focus as a motivational speaker is to create an environment that will help individuals to develop positive self image. This, he believes is the core of each individual’s personality. With this hurdle crossed it becomes easier to empower oneself with the tools, techniques and skills necessary for success.