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Teaching and learning are at the core of our work. Berkman Klein Center faculty and affiliates teach and mentor across the University and beyond the gates of Harvard. Among our key programs is the Cyberlaw Clinic, which has educated hundreds of Harvard Law School students thought real-world opportunities to advise clients on technology-related issues with the guidance of licensed attorneys. We also build platforms to facilitate new ways of learning and open our classrooms to the world.

Examples of our education-related activities include the Digital Literacy Resource Platform (DLRP), an evolving collection of tools in different languages that people can use to learn more about Internet related themes; CopyrightX, a three-pronged initiative that includes a course at Harvard Law School, a popular online course open to the public, and a series of international affiliated courses taught by local copyright experts; the AGTech Forum, a series of workshops that bring together state attorneys general and staff with academics and technologists to discuss emerging issues in technology; and H2O, a platform for organizing, consuming, and sharing electronic textbooks, and course materials. We also contribute to learning and the exchange of ideas through the workshops, events, and talks we host, which bring leading thinkers and practitioners together with our community and the public to discuss challenging topics related to the Internet.

Past efforts have included study groups that are open to the public on topics such as robotics and the ethics of data, Harvard’s Digital Problem Solving Initiative, and iLaw, an early initiative aimed to to offer the public a way to learn about the essential legal, economic, and public interest debates surrounding the Internet and new technologies.

Formal courses are also among Berkman Klein’s educational offerings. Below is a list of BKC-affiliated courses offered at Harvard.

Upcoming Courses

Teaching Copyright - Spring 2019

This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of copyright law and gaining experience with law teaching. More

Applied Ethical and GovernanceChallenges in AI - Spring 2019

This course will pursue a cross-disciplinary investigation of the development and deployment of the opaque complex adaptive systems that are increasingly in public and private use. More

Comparative Digital Privacy - Spring 2019

In this interactive seminar, we will identify, map, analyze, and discuss latest developments in privacy law related to the digital environment from a comparative perspective and… More

Internet & Society: The Technologies and Politics of Control - Spring 2019

This course offers a rigorous introduction to the field of cyberlaw. More

Communications and Internet Law and Policy - Winter 2019

The course will provide an introduction and overview to questions of communications and Internet law and policy. More

Fifteen Things ( A Secret History of Italian Design) - Spring 2019

Fifteen Things explores intertwinings between design, science, technology, society, art, and culture by means of the "excavation" of fifteen objects from different periods in the… More

Patent Law - Winter 2019

Roughly half of this course will examine and assess the legal rules in the United States and other countries governing patents.  The other half will explore policy issues… More

Futurisms (a comparative history) - Spring 2019

The seminar adopts a cross-disciplinary and comparative focus; and includes such topics as humans and machines; experimental poetics; futurism's ties to anarchism, bolshevism and… More

Cyberlaw Clinic - Spring 2019

The Cyberlaw Clinic engages Harvard Law School students in a wide range of real-world client counseling, licensing and transactional, litigation, advocacy, and policy projects and… More

Cyberlaw Clinic Seminar - Spring 2019

This seminar is required for all students enrolled in the Cyberlaw Clinic. More

Introduction to Computer Science II - Spring 2019

Topics include functional and object-oriented styles of programming, software engineering in the small, and models of computation. More

Music and Digital Media - Spring 2019

This course explores a variety of legal issues relating to the creation, exploitation, and protection of music and other content. More

Advertising Law - Spring 2019

This course covers legal regulation of advertising in the United States, with some comparison to other countries. More

Copyright - Spring 2019

This course will explore copyright law and policy. More

Trademark and Unfair Competition - Spring 2019

Professor Rebecca Tushnet This course will introduce students to the federal Lanham Act and related common law… More

Past Courses

The Law of Cyberspace - Winter 1997

This seminar will explore issues related to the regulation of cyberspace. It is not a course in computer law, or copyright, or intellectual property. It is instead an effort to… More

Business and the Internet: Strategy, Law, and Policy - Spring 1997

This graduate seminar is jointly presented by the Schools of Business, Government, and Law. By exploring specific firms or industries we will examine strategic choices that… More

The Law of Cyberspace - Winter 1997

This seminar will explore issues related to the regulation of cyberspace. More

Torts - Fall 1996

Torts - Fall 1996 More

Law, Internet & Society - Fall 1996

Law, Internet & Society - Fall 1996 More