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Alicja Głutkowska-Polniak: Fashion as a manifestation of urban lifestyle"Culture and History" No. 30/2016ISSN 1642-9826164with an unbearable feeling of being lost 1 . A kind of recipe to adapt tourban life is becoming fashion, giving a sense of community, on the one handand apparent separation - on the other. Democratization of society causedthat thanks to fashion man does not so much aspire to "being better" in contextimitation of a better situated group, as far as "being consistent" with those in forcetrends. The determinant of fashion is becoming "being on time", beingmodern (in line with what is currently in force). Impact on this kindLe Corbusier's thesis that modernity is not a style but a condition certainly has a tendencyculture (Le Corbusier, 2012, 133).