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Unlike Saigon, Ca Mau is not in her beauty, noisy, hustle. Also unlike Hue, Ca Mau is also not too sad and poetic. Such as Nha Trang, Ca Mau did not bring fresh new looks with blue sea, white sand, sunny yellow. Mau bring in his beauty, gentle, peaceful, but behind him is also a Mau, noisy, but without the hustle, dreaming as not sadness, and also equally fresh and new. About take here that do not visit the market clue ward 7 to buy vegetables at affordable prices, don't visit the market ward 2 to buy bread, ingenious, cake, potato cake, pig skin... then indeed that is a shortcoming. Goodbye Ca Mau city Vietnam, let's continue the journey to Earth Nose with Dat khach san, with extreme south of the country. Remove all the noise of life, remove every sorrow of the day, usually to about with the end Point of the country. Sending love, sending little nostalgia, sending little mind to this place. Perhaps, he would not ask Mau as if I don't actually put feet to it. It is true that "Touch for a second, is remember all my life". That is what I have in the nose. On the way back to the city, I have traversed the Declaration, but only check in a photo alone rather not visit. His journey about the end here, because initially no intention of blogging anything at all should only take a young, instagram. so, there are a number of images will break focus, expect people to forgive. This is the first blog of a girl in grade 11, I hope that everyone will forgive, forgive its shortcomings. Source: