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Write Effective SEO Press Releases That Get Noticed[edit]

When written well, SEO press releases can quickly raise your visibility on search engines. In some cases, you may be able to keep multiple dots on the first two pages for your keyword terms, further increasing your visibility while overshadowing others trying to rank your keyword. The trick to writing well-ranked SEO press releases is to write them in an optimized way and post them to press release distribution service that offer SEO benefits.

Write a catchy headline The headlines of your SEO press releases are the best chance you have to grab the attention of the reader and search engines. Your title should not only contain keywords, but should also grab the reader's attention and convince them to click to read your release.

The title should evoke some kind of excitement and intrigue that drives them to want to know more about the owner. At the same time, you should include your keyword phrase because some press release submission sites use the title of each SEO press release as the title tag. Title tags are very important in search engine optimization since search engines use these tags to evaluate the general thematic content of a web page.

Stick to the news: no spam SEO press releases are meant to be news. While they are a highly effective component of your search engine marketing campaign, they cannot be a blatant promotion for your company, your products, or your services. Instead, they need to announce news about their business. You could announce a new business, new products or services, or new hires.

Your news may also include new pricing structures, partnerships, or new initiatives, such as community engagement or nonprofit. The idea is to draw attention to the new things happening within your company without blatant self-promotion. In fact, many press release distribution sites will reject your article if it doesn't have a specific news angle.

Include one or two quotes Quotes from someone involved in your story must meet two main goals: 1. If you need to say something promotional with your SEO press releases, the quote is the place to do it. 2. Quotes add a human element to the story and keep it from being a dry and uninteresting piece.

Use these quotes to connect your readers to the human side of your business. It's okay to list some options in quotes, such as why you think you can serve your customers better than your competitors.

Use of keywords and links One of the main benefits of sending SEO press releases is to create backlinks to your website. SEO press releases are widely understood to be an excellent source of backlinks and can be of great help in an overall SEO marketing plan. To get these links, you must include links in your site's press release. There are two types of links: anchor text links (where the term is embedded in a term) and URL links (the long address of the web page). Anchor text links are by far more beneficial to your SEO campaign than URL links, however many press release submission sites do not offer them, nor do they offer them at very high cost.

Because some distribution sites do not allow anchor text, you should always include anchor text links and URLs in the body. While both can be clicked, embedded links will provide you much more value in search engines than a URL. When places like Yahoo and Google crawl your news article, they pick up anchor text and associate those words directly with your (your) destination site.

The rapid and impressive results that SEO press releases generate make them a very powerful marketing tool for virtually any website. For best results, stream real news about your business in a search engine-optimized format and post your press releases on a press release submission site that offers anchor text and other search-friendly features.