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  • Rachel
  • Guangyue

Online Identity and Reputation (Bankruptcy)

  • Andrew
  • David
  • Zara
  • Christine
  • Jason
  • Anna
  • Rene

Right of Publicity in Digital Identities/ Moral Rights to one's created digital identity

Death and Digital Property

Speech and Censorship (from an intermediary liability pov)

Liability for Security Breaches

Net Neutrality

De-humanization of Online Transactions (with implications to UI design)

Cyber-security (and international law/aspects)

  • Davis
  • Julia
  • Heather
  • Ryan
  • Tim
  • Flavio

Crowdsourcing: Problems thereof

  • Dave


"Decentralized" digital newsmedia/Wikileaks

  • Austin
  • Jenny
  • Stephanie
  • Erin
  • Sujay