Class Schedule

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Here you will be able to view the class schedule and sign up for presentation slots, as well as access the notes pages for past classes.

Class 1: Tues, Sept 7, 7-9pm

Class 2: Mon, Sept 13, 5-7pm

(no seminar Sept 20 -- fly-out week!)

Class 3: Mon, Sept 27, 5-7pm

Mon, Oct 4, 5-7pm -- Future of Work Conference

(no seminar Oct 11 -- Columbus Day!)

Mon, Oct 18, 5-7pm

Mon, Oct 25, 5-7pm

Mon, Nov 1, 5-7pm: Cybercrime group 1 (Davis, Julia, Heather)

Mon, Nov 8, 5-7pm

Mon, Nov 15, 5-7pm

Mon, Nov 22, 5-7pm

Mon, Nov 29, 5-7pm Cybercrime group 1 (Davis, Julia, Heather)

Mon, Dec 6, 5-7pm -- final class