Class 2

From Identifying Difficult Problems in Cyberlaw
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Group one: -identity revealed beyond your comfort zone (ex. WOW message boards: forced real identity) -can online identity be protected as a possession? Who owns profile pages? -(data portability as a privacy policy like thing)(who owns shared data?)(single-signin)(facebook Connect)(OpenID)(persistent identity online) -cyberbullies, multiple identities online -how/can IRL ethics/morality be imposed in online spaces

Group two: -property -online things acquiring IRL value -what happens to digital possessions after death? -who has access to your accounts (fb, twit, gmail, etc) after death -(TOS after death) -first sale doctrine in software -first amendment rights with online comms (going through someone’s infrastructure)

Group three: -liability for security breaches (negligent design/management) -wikileaks! (jurisdictional problems, prosecution) (how does filtering affect wikileaks?) -transparency on internet services (google: how does it work?)

Group four: -“to what extent is our judgment about tech related to the “coolness” of the tech itself?” -online transaction speed: feature or bug? -lack of humans in online transactions: feature or bug? - Computers and people gone wild! (please don’t google this)