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From Identifying Difficult Problems in Cyberlaw
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Dave Simon (hi!): interested in cyberlaw as it applies to intellectual property; quality of peer reviewed journals and wikis; (maybe special implications for law reviews?) (what is the role of laypeople in the peer review process?) (augh, money!) (does peer review affect the relevance of research?) (yay, ssrn!) (what does openness mean in terms of the academy? How does openness affect research?) (what the heck is openness anyway?) (open access depository:….now what?)

Flavio monfrini: commercial and corporate law; DRM and fair use; Google exec liability for youtube video (international intermediary liability) (see Lessig’s zoning argument in Law of the Horse) (craigslist liability for “adult services” section) (soooooo many videos…) (doctrinal conflict) (ISPs responsibility to user privacy)

Andrew segna: pop culture and the internet; development of “online culture”; lolcats are bigger than the beatles? (or jesus?); are there gated communities on the internet? (what about /b/?) (incentive driven communities) (reputation economies?) (location based, incentivized technologies)

David brody: photo journalist; ip; impact of aggregation on news industry; software ip/patent protection; Google…hrm.

Sujay tyle: stats and enviro science major; entrepreneurship, innovation, patents (are they worth it?); live video streaming (how do you protect/monitor streaming content?) (chatroulette?);

Austin randazzo: privacy; net neutrality, broadband classification; ftc vs fcc REGULATORY CAGE MATCH! over the internet; internet as a “reliable source” for academic material; prestige and reputation, print vs online

erin: former googler (may or may not be afraid of google…); “self-help” aspect of IP protection (DRM, etc);

joe: civil engineer; tech startup; entrepreneurship;

zara: reach of criminal law on the internet; cyberlaw in an international context; international norm development;

heather: yay, geeks!; eff; “Facebook Privacy: what is the big deal?”; average users vs techno elite

ryan: jolt digest! pirate! irc! Belgium! nation-restricted web; file sharing;

davis: mathematician; law > math?; kitzmiller v dover; business method patents (valid? not valid? internet specific? what is the relation to software patents?); cloud computing; patent havens (see online gambling) (please don’t breathe in Minnesota)

alyssa: juicycampus; privacy and cyberlaw issues on social networks; digital natives and expectations of privacy; privacy in the workplace; peer privacy; Ontario v quine; (privacy v dignity);

tim: historical analysis of the UN=not so much…; international politics; international aspects of cybersecurity; cyberwar; facebook & twitter in Iran; weapons of cyberwar (logic bombs!); what is cyberwar?

rene: MIT; entrepreneurship and technology; startup based on people establishing trust online; privacy; web ADD; how do we filter/focus through such a huge mess of information?; (should we give the filter responsibility to AIs?) (google suggest)

anna: sjd; Philippines (IP laws vs economic situation vs social norms of downloading); valid uses of BitTorrent (they exist, really!); first amendment issues in online communities; blackberry bans in the ME; cyber security

Jason: MIT; knight fellow in science journalism; STS; documentary on Second Life; rights a filmmaker needs to film in a virtual world; do real life laws apply to virtual worlds; “avatar rights”?; is Linden Labs responsible for its users’ welfare? (MOVIE NIGHT!); are user profiles within facebook equivalent to avatars? what are the rights of content creators who may not consider themselves creators?

Guangyue: OII; you shouldn’t filter the internet, but can you really not filter the internet at all?; virtual protests on foursquare; what is the best regulation scheme for the internet?

Rachel: yay, phil!; anti trust and technology; how can governments regulate in cyberspace; privacy concerns; google;

Julia: cyberwarfare! augh!; (Estonia…); implications of the internet/digital technology for criminal law enforcement; jurisdictional issues; (drugs=puppies!)

Christine: IP; experiments in virtual worlds; google books settlement; defamation claims (anon on the internet); (library policy)

Jenny: IP; AP; Twitter/Facebook terms of service;

btw, we are all awesome.