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This section of the wiki acknowledges some core criticisms of the Pharos project and recommends future research that can be conducted to address some of these concerns.
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This section addresses foundational problems of the project, structural challenges, and unintended consequences that may result from the project.
==Foundational Considerations: Problem and Solution==
Insert text here, providing broad overview of the problem of internet utopianism, pragmatic challenges to proposing an idea that depends on access to the internet, etc.
==Structural Challenges==
===Costs and Funding===
===Defining Acceptable Content===
===Preventing Fabrication of Human Rights Videos===
==Potential Unintended Consequences==
===Human Security===
===Government Responses: Crackdowns on Internet Freedom===
==Reference test==
This is the text which you are going to verify with a reference.<ref>Reference details go here</ref>

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